HDL synergies GmbH follows its vision that new technologies should assist people in their individual creativity so they can use them in order to improve their own lives and the life of others. Both progress and innovation, as well as data security and ease of use when operating products, are important to us. Good solutions should always be simple and intuitive. In our application the user and his needs are clearly in the foreground.

doitll® provides everyone with Internet access, despite of any programming knowledge the possibility to present personal and / or commercial objects in the virtual world map. These objects, we call them tradepoints®, can be found with different methods. Everyone, whether private person, small business or large corporation, can set and manage their information as texts or images. Users are suppliers and customers in one person, or as modernly said prosumer. Even for purely private use, such as for example, managing favorite places and navigating to them is supported by doitll®.
doitll® offers local and unlimited possibilities. Take a look and try it
Our motto is: “do it locally and limitless”.

The certificate my.true.doitll® verifies in the App the location indicated in a tradepoint® and confirms its real existence. So you don’t go to a tradepoint®, which is just a point in the virtual map. With my.true.doitll® you are always sure that the tradepoint® exists in the real World too, and you will be able to find it.
With a tradepoint® (virtual map point) you could, for example, advertise yourself as a German teacher in China, or from another district or draw attention to yourself. Discover completely new possibilities to promote yourself, your services, products, business, etc. in the real digital world. Take opportunities that didn’t exist before. Be an innovator.

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